Why invest in professional real estate photography?

It’s all about “Curb Appeal”

More than 90% of buyers start their home search online. Your MLS listing has a split second to grab their attention—so effective photographs are more important than ever before.


As an experienced real estate agent, you understand that while real estate is primarily a “people business,” it is also a “numbers game.” And attracting more potential buyers is essential in winning the “numbers game.”


Cheshire County currently has more than 150 licensed real estate agents. In this highly competitive market, professional photography can give you the edge. By representing your listings with professional photographs, you are also presenting yourself as a true professional—someone who knows the importance of first impressions and is willing to go the extra mile for your clients.


Each real estate deal involves a variety of professionals, each doing what they do best—appraisers, financiers, agents, etc. I invite you to allow me to do what I do best as well. Take advantage of my keen sense of composition, my experience lighting interior spaces, my vast array of photographic & lighting equipment, and my 17+ years of experience using Photoshop to develop digital photos.


Regardless of the value of your listing, I have made professional photography affordable. Photography services start at just $225. Within 48 hours of the photo shoot, you will receive all photos in three formats:

  1. optimized for MLS website; 
  2. print-ready; and 
  3. optimized for social media websites—such as Facebook. 

If you are an agent who has been wanting to take your listings to the next level, please give me a call. My rates are highly competitive and the quality of my work is exceptional.